Arran 1997 14 Years Sherry 57,7° SC

bottled date: 10/08/11  distillation date : 09/05/97 

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We take great pride in all of our whisky, but occasionally James MacTaggart, our Distillery Manager, discovers a cask that truly stands out as the finest example of the Distillers art and oak cask in perfect harmony. The influence of the cask on the final character of whisky is widely acknowledged and one of the key aspects of his job is to determine when the right balance between the spirit and the wood has been achieved. Only the most exceptional examples of our Single Malt are approved for bottling as our Premium Cask Selection.

Nose: The influence of the wood is immediately apparent. Sherry, dried fruits and vanilla are all evident. With a splash of water a mint-toffee character emerges with notes of hazelnut also appearing

Palate: Rich and creamy. Over the years of maturation the sweetness of the sherry has integrated beautifully and works in harmony with the intrinsic smooth, fruity character of the Arran Malt

Finish: Becomes drier on the long, lingering finish. An intriguing spiciness develops to balance the confectionary notes that dominate earlier. A classic sherry wood Arran

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