10Cane Rum 40° Trinidad

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What is 10 Cane?

10 Cane is the super-premium rum created from first press Trinidadian sugar cane juice. It's crafted by the experts at Moët Hennessy, the world's premier luxury spirits producer.


Why is it called 10 Cane?

Traditionally, sugar cane stalks are harvested in bundles of 10. Additionally, it takes 10 sugar cane stalks to make one bottle of 10 Cane Rum.


What is "First Press Cane"?

10 Cane uses first press cane juice: the purest, most flavorful juice extracted from hand-harvested Trinidadian sugar cane.


How is 10 Cane created?

The process begins with specially selected Trinidadian sugar cane, which is hand-harvested and rushed to our nearby distillery where it is gently pressed. The distillate from the fresh press cane juice gives 10 Cane its unique character: light and smooth, yet flavorful.

The sugar cane juice is then fermented for 5 days in stainless steel tanks to allow for slow development of its unique aromas. The fermented sugar cane juice is then distilled twice in small batches in French pot stills ensuring optimal yet gentle extraction of the sugar cane aromas.

10 Cane is then aged for one year in vintage French oak barrels through which it achieves its distinctive light golden color, well-balanced mouth feel, and rounded finish. The sugar distillate is blended with a touch of extra old Trinidadian rum, which adds complexity and versatility.


What's the best way to drink it?

It's up to you. 10 Cane elevates all rum cocktails, including the Cuba Libre (Rum & Cola), Mojito, Daiquiri. You can even drink it neat or on the rocks.

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